Renting your property

Rental market

You are the owner of an attractive rental property and you are searching for a suitable tenant? We have the expertise to find adequate tenants in Frankfurt am Main, Cologne, Düsseldorf and the respective surrounding areas. We will provide you with a service package that ensures that your property yields a high rent by assessing the rental price, finding out the position of the prospective buyer or conducting a credit check – our expertise will convince you! Families, couples or singles, businessmen, commuters, relocation companies or local companies, we can target all these groups with our offers. And we will be very pleased to consider the specific needs of our international customers and will perform all interviews, negotiations and property inspections in English.

Rental process

  • Extensive assessment interview in order to discuss the marketing opportunities of your property
  • Further information and advice regarding the new legislation in Germany – “rental cap” and “customer principle”
  • Market survey study with a view to the sales or rental potential of your property (detailed by location and/or type of property)
  • Inspection of the property and compilation of a data sheet
  • Creation of a professional dossier of photographs of the property
  • Preparation of a complete rental dossier for your property
  • Preparation of a 360° Virtual Tour
  • Preparation of an advertisement about the property, for publication in the leading real estate websites such as Immobilienscout24, Immowelt and Immonet
  • Processing of prospective clients, pre-selection and organization of the agenda
  • Coordination and realization of inspection dates
  • Obtaining voluntary self-declaration data (general personal data, salary statements, passport information, etc.)
  • Obtaining a Schufa (German credit investigation company) report about the prospective tenant
  • Coordination of a personal meeting between the interested parties
  • Draft of the rental agreement according to the standard contract template of “Haus- und Grund” or according to your individual requirements
  • Sending of the rental contract or arranging a convenient date for signing the rental contract
  • Advice regarding the security deposit and insurance against loss of rental income
  • Accompanied or unaccompanied inspection and handing-over of the rented flat
  • Consulting support or handling of all registration procedures concerning the management of the property, service providers, etc.
  • Consulting support regarding kitchen design and local furniture companies
  • Acting as the contact person for all services listed above

Search for tenants

In order to market your property in the best possible way, we cooperate with the well-known real estate portals Immobilienscout24, Immowelt and Immonet, which now cover 95% of the search market. In certain cases, we also advertise in the classical way, in the local print media. From the date of the initial contact via email or telephone, up to the date arranged for inspection of your property, we try to obtain a comprehensive picture of the interested parties that we will transmit by handing over to you all the relevant documents (self-declaration form, salary statements, credit check obtained by the Schufa and copy of the ID Card, if necessary also a declaration of the previous landlord). Thus you can be certain that we will only give you information about prospective tenants who would be 100% suitable for your property.

Contract arrangement

We will take care of the complete procedures regarding drafting and implementation of the contract. As a rule, we rely on the standard rental contract template of “Haus- und Grund”. Features of your property, individual house and garage regulations, any special arrangements, all forms of attachments: we are flexible with regard to drafting the contract and we will be glad to advise you about the legal details.

Property handover, inspection and other services

We offer to take care of the inspection and handover of your apartment. For this purpose, we create a detailed inspection/handover protocol, so that both parties can be sure about the current state of the property. We can coordinate all necessary craftsmen services and we will recommend highly skilled workmen for all types of requirements, if necessary. We can take care of formalities such as cancellations and registrations (for example from service providers). We offer to work as intermediaries with your property management and deliver meter readings. We can organize the changing of doorbell and mailbox labels.

We will also be glad to take care of the annual service charge statements relating to the tenancy, and to act as intermediaries between you and your tenants. Rental management is then charged separately, either according to time spent or for a monthly/annual flat rate. Here we adapt our service exactly to your individual requirements.

Your costs

The remuneration of real estate agents according to the so-called ”customer principle” (the ordering party will bear the costs) is legally in force since June 1st 2015. The owner and/or the contracting party (for example the prospective tenant) will bear our brokerage fees. By hiring and renting/leasing of a real state object, the owner/prospective tenant is commissionable towards us. About these recent statutory regulations as well as about the so-called “rental cap”, we will be happy to inform you.